Eksjö – the wooden town and Stalpet

In august I visited Eksjö – a beautiful little wooden town in Småland. It is Swedens best preserved wooden town.  On the photos you can see Eksjö Museum where you for example can find the author Albert Ensgtröm-collections (probably the largest collection of Engström memorablia).

On the photos below you can see the square in the town.  In 2003, Eksjö celebrated the 600th anniversary of its original charter. During the centuries, disaster has struck in the form of plague, famine, wars and fires. However, the town and its people have also been the inspiration for many legendary stories, such as the political satirical ballad of “Mayor Munthe”. The medieval town of “Ekesiö” was originally situated some 500 m south-west of the present town centre.

After Eksjö I visited Stalpet which is the highest waterfall in southern Sweden (20 m high). Below you can see some photos from there. Stalpet is near the little town Aneby and Stalpet also has a beautiful little café and shop.


23 thoughts on “Eksjö – the wooden town and Stalpet

  1. So many beautiful photographs! Maybe I should ask you to prepare a small article illustrated with your photos for our winter issue of A Muse fo rLife?Something Christmassy with lots of Swedish snow would be brilliant! K.

  2. Dear Sofia,
    Nicely photographed 🙂 You wouldn`t believe it but I know Eksjö as well as I lived for quite a while in Smaland when I was a teenie. For me those little towns in Smaland radiate the Swedish cozyness I like.
    Have a great day

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