Postcards from Tjörn


One sunny and warm day in july i visited Tjörn with its many small idyllic places. Tjörn is one of Sweden’s most prominent shipping and fish produce municipalities. Wherever you are on Tjörn the sea is at hand.


The bridge from the island Tjörn to the town Stenungssund.


Bohusläns archipelago

Our first stop was at Rönnäng, a lovely little fishingvillage with pretty houses and gardens.

Next stop was Skärhamn, the largest town on Tjörn(below)


The Nordic Watercolour museum

When I visited the watercolour museum one exhibition with Alice Neel were held. Neel was an american artist who devoted the majority of her life to figurative art. Although she became well known for her painted portraits especially of people such as Andy Warhol, photographer Samuel Brody and art critic John Perreault, her works on paper are virtually unknown to the general public. There are images of the artist ́s family and friends as well as delicate works where she deals with her own personal life, both its joy and pain.

The photo with several colorful paintings is made by Kati Immonen, a finish artist. I fell in love with her beautiful watercolour paintings.

The watercolour mosaik is made by a swedish painter – Lars Lerin. A large painting with many small paintings with different buildings. I thought this was impressive.


19 thoughts on “Postcards from Tjörn

    1. Thank you! So happy you liked it. Yes, I think everyone must have at least ONE boat in theese neighbourhoods 😉 But actually, would like to have one there!

  1. I love this area.
    Before, when I lived in Fredrikstad and went to Gothenburg, every now and then I threated mysel to drive along the coast instead of the highway. Bohuslän ist gorgeous.♥

    1. Thank you Dina! ♥ Yes, Bohuslän and the coastline is beautiful.. It reminds me a little of Norway too.
      To me Bohuslän i summer because I live in the middle of Sweden, so i’m there in the summers. Have a nice day!

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