Stråvalla strand and Varberg

I visited Stråvalla strand one beautiful day in july on my way to Varberg.  It was a nice beach with warm sand. People playing beachvolley while others were swimming, bathing or relaxing on the beach.

Paganini – Coffee and Food

Then we stopped at Varberg – a popular town among tourists especially in the summer.  We decided to eat at this restaurant “Paganini – coffe and food” in the middle of the city.  The place has a beautiful marine interior design and very good service. You can choose between several fish and meat dishes as well as veggie food.

This café and restaurang was nice, had good food and service to a good price – comparing to many other restaurants in Varberg that is quite expensive. You could choose to sit inside or outside. For people who don’t eat gluten and want a coffee with something sweet to eat, this may not be such a good café.  Just one or two cookies to choose between were gluten-free. But a lot to choose between for everyone else.I ordered chicken with root vegetables (and got one little half potatoe – so this meal is perfect if you don’t want too much carbs.) Delicious food to a great price – sallad also included in the price, as well as coffee.

Varberg – near the ocean

Varberg is famous for it’s many beaches, baths, Spa’s and healthy creations. It also famous for it’s old and beautiful fortress and this, above the beautiful ‘Kallbadhuset’.  From here you can enjoy a cold bath 🙂 The Warm Baths was built in the 19th century when Varberg gained its reputation as a health resort. Later cold baths became fashionable, and the water in Varberg was said to have healing powers. Numerous celebrities and members of high society journeyed here to ease their ailments in baths of mud and seaweed. Varberg is also an important junction for goods traffic by road, rail, and not the least by sea – thanks to a modern port facility and ferry link to Grenå in Denmark.

In Varbergs fästning, the fortress, there were many people. Some just rested, others visited Halland museum, looked at the buildings while others had food, ice cream or a drink. From the top we had a lovely green view and saw the whole city.


15 thoughts on “Stråvalla strand and Varberg

  1. Thank you for sharing your trip to Stravalla and Varberg. You really caught the atmosphere.I have been there once when I was a child, but that`s a long time ago.
    Greetings from the sunny coast of Norfolk og ha en fin dag 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Klausbernd! I’m glad you like them 🙂 Maybe you remember some of it. These places are so beautiful in summer (though very stormy to be in the winter..)
      Ha en fin dag du med!


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