Gotland – a Swedish summer paradise


The fishermans alley

Gotland is a beautiful island in Östersjön. It’s now the ‘Almedalsweek’ in Sweden, which is an important meetingplace for everyone involved in politics. This is why I like to write this post about Gotland; an original and fantastic part of Sweden with much culture and nature to explore.


The Almedalsweek is located in Almedalen or The Elm valley (above) a park of the medieval town Visby.


Visby is also known as the “city of roses and ruins” that simply comes from the many roses and old ruins there. The town also has a botanical garden.



Visby is arguably the best-preserved mediecal city in Scandinavia and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Among the most notable historical remains are the 3.4 km (2.1 mi) long stone wall called Ringmuren (“the Ring Wall”), that encircles the city and the old church ruins.


The work on the ring wall was likely begun in the 12th century. Around 1300, it was rebuilt to reach its current height, acquiring the characteristic towers, although some towers were not constructed until the 15th century. The ringwall is still largely intact.



In the week of middle ages there are a lot of tourists in Visby, many people dressed as in the middle ages. There are markets, plays, music and a lot of events and this is one good reason for visiting Visby in august.


Tofta is  located in the countryside in western Gotland and is probably Gotland’s best known beach. Many come to socialise and mix with the crowd. Others are attracted by its soft, sandy bottom, which is ideal for children. Many peoply come to enjoy the beauty of Tofta and its long stretch of sun-warmed sand.

Tofta är beläget på västra sidan av Gotland och det här är förmodligen Gotlands mest välkända strand. Hit kommer många, lockade av den mjuka sanden och sandbottnen, som är idealisk för barn. Många kommer också hit för att njuta av den vackra utsikten.


Bottarve is a museum with lovely old cottages and the place also has a café and a shop where you can find typical Gutisk art and handmade things.




Café in Bottarve



Ekstakustens naturreservat är en av de vackraste platserna på Gotland. Kuststräckan präglas av klappersten och in mot land växer barrskog. Härifrån har man utsikt mot Stora och Lilla Karlsö.

Ekstakusten is one of the most beautiful places. The coastline consist of certain rocks – ‘klappersten’. From here you can see Gotlands two islands ‘Stora Karlsö’ och ‘Lilla Karlsö’.


This mill is also located on Ekstakusten.


19 thoughts on “Gotland – a Swedish summer paradise

  1. I really love Gotland too. Your great picture bring back happy memories when I lived in Finland and visited Gotland quite often. Thank you 🙂
    Ha en fin dag

    1. Thank you so much Klausbernd! I think you have been to Gotland more than I do then, just been there ones, a great week with so much to see.:-) Finland seems nice to, actually never been there so I must go there soon. Ha en fin dag du med 🙂

      1. I relly liked to worked in Finland and fortunately I had lots of time to travel around. A great country – but I hated the moscitoes 😉 and never learned the language properly.
        Love from North Norfolk, warm and sunny

      2. It sounds great you had time to travel around in the country with the many lakes! Yes, moscitoes can be very disturbing I know that for sure too as we have many of them here 😉
        Have a nice summer you too, love from Sweden

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